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Operation Clean Hands: today’s decision about who is held and who is home should go to

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The Antwerp chamber of incrimination (KI) Tuesday at 16.10 hours, the case under consideration. In the course of the day, it is decided whether the seven suspects further detained or remain at home.

The defense had Friday already extensively argued, but had then also at the federal public prosecutor’s office called for missing reports to the criminal file to add. The court set the case Friday in continuation to today to the public prosecutor-general the opportunity to give.

“Last weekend, I have a pack of the new pieces received, all à discharge. But still the file has not fully”, said lawyer Tom Bauwens, that for football agent Mogi Bayat occurs at the commencement of the session.

The session was a half hour be suspended to the federal public prosecutor’s office to allow the file to complete. Then there was further pleaded until shortly after 16 hours. Upon leaving the KI wanted none of the lawyers have something to say. “The court takes today is still a decision, for the rest no comment,” said master Bauwens.

The federal public prosecutor’s office asked for all seven of the confirmation of the arrest, but can the Olivier Somers and Mary Bogojevska find in a electronic monitoring. Previously had the court in Tongeren also Karim Mejjati, Dragan Siljanoksi and Thierry Steemans already with an ankle bracelet want to go home, but the federal office of the public prosecutor against the decision in appeal. The lawyers of the seven suspects asked the KI to their clients, subject to conditions.

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