Omroep MAX gets Twilight to Radio 5

90b30d7a80a3640b496d48baa897340e - Omroep MAX gets Twilight to Radio 5

Jan van Veen

Omroep MAX will program the radio show on Friday night, between 22.00 and 0.00 hours. “So close to the weekend. We think that there is a large audience. And Jan van Veen has also a lot of sense in it. We are going to make something beautiful out of it.”

Jan ’Candlelight’ van Veen started his radiocarrière on september 1, 1964 on board offshore radio station Radio Veronica. That was one of the longest-running programs of the Dutch radio: the phenomenon of Twilight. The program reads the 74-year-old radio producer poems of listeners. After Radio Veronica was Candlelight to different stations, such as Radio 3, Sky Radio and 100% NL.

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