New research questions about the Gang of Nivelles

bb30e67a809b21ab67a2d51525bf0b26 - New research questions about the Gang of Nivelles

BRUSSELS – The Belgian police are doing again an attempt to find out who is behind the Gang of Nijvel. The gang committed in the early eighties, a series of thefts and robberies on supermarkets, in which 28 people were killed. The perpetrators are never caught.

The robberies of the Gang of Nivelles, also took 28 lives. The perpetrators are never found.

The police have a call spread to find the one that a red Volkswagen Golf, black sprayed, because the car in several robberies would have been used.

Also looking for the police, three gendarmes that a local diver a bag from a channel left. The three drove in a burgerauto. The federal police hope the people involved in the duikactie, in a place where a year earlier, nothing was found, to find out. There has been several times suggested that the gendarmerie was involved in the gang.

A wine stain in the neck of one of the robbers is another trail that the research team may be able to help. At the beginning of this year, the research team have considerable gain, because there are still tips coming from the gang. There is a reward of 250,000 euro prize for the golden tip.

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