Mystery in New York: two sisters tied up in Hudson found

b09a4688953e7ab8d68786c1d971920c - Mystery in New York: two sisters tied up in Hudson found

The New York city police is investigating the death of two siblings from Saudi Arabia. Last week came ashore their bodies – bound together with tape – on the banks of the Hudson river in New York City.

The 16-year-old Tala Farea and her 22-year-old sister Rotana Farea had been since August missing. On October 24, their bodies discovered on some 360 miles of Fairfax, the town in Virginia where they lived.

Their bodies were with a piece of tape tied together, but they exhibited according to the police, no obvious injuries. Both of them were fully clothed. They were perhaps not long in the water.

Samoa and Rotana traded in Saudi Arabia for the US in 2015. According to the police were the sisters already once run away from home.

Their death is a mystery for the police. Had the sisters a zelfmoordpact closed and they together jumped into the river. But the officers also of murder.

Their mother had a day for the discovery to detectives told that an employee of the Saudi embassy had contacted with the news that her family in the US had to leave because her daughters for political asylum had been applied for. That says the police of New York.

The Saudi consulate in New York states that a lawyer has been appointed to the case to follow.

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