Mixed reviews on Jensen

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Robert Jensen

“As a good guy won that Jensen”, says a viewer. Farage’s statement that ” Rutte is the lapdog of angela Merkel’ would be by many viewers cited. Especially many are happy that the talkshowhost ’a different sound’ allows you to hear, as he before promised. “The strength of this program is that it is a sound ventilates very broad base in society, but never in the mainstream culture represented”, responds someone.

There are also less positive sounds. So someone will find Jensen far too little critical. “Ask concretely to the stagnant economic growth, the border in Northern Ireland, its own concrete plans.” Another treasure in that Jensen wants to piggyback on ’populist gut feeling’. Proponents of Jensen laugh at that criticism. “Acid the left spits his bile at Jensen. Finally a no-nonsense sound on the tv and the crap immediately.”

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