Masmeijer next week go to Belgium?

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Frank Masmeijer

Last week, decided the Dutch Officer of Justice that he is not to Antwerp was, but he had his passport to hand and regularly report to the police. Within 60 to 90 days the court in Amsterdam, the netherlands about the Belgian request should decide, now, Frank, through his lawyer GEERT JAN KNOOPS against surrender (such surrender today is called, within the limits of Europe) has resistance.

Does the Court not, however, only about three months, but next week by Tuesday. And this seems to be the overleveringskamer hurry to the request of the Belgian public Prosecutor.

On november 16, should in Antwerp, the appeal in the cokesmokkelzaak. Belgium would Frank Masmeijer at that time in the hands, want to have, what seems to succeed if the judge next week that the request lasts.

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