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“Lewis Hamilton can records of Michael Schumacher break”

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Nico Rosberg, himself a world champion in 2016, believes that his former team-mate and world champion of 2018 Lewis Hamilton the record of Michael Schumacher may break down for the number of victories, but also the record for the number of titles.

After Lewis Hamilton in Mexico for the fifth time became world champion, he stands on the same level with Juan Manuel Fangio and he had two titles removed from the record of Schumacher. He is also close to the record of the most victories, at this time, a total of 91, also in the name of Schumacher. Hamilton currently has 71.

Nico Rosberg, who own Hamilton defeated in the championship of 2016, believes that his former team-mate’s record, Schumacher can attack, but also break it, so as the greatest rider of all time.

“It is unbelievable for Lewis, with five titles,” said Rosberg on his Youtube channel. “Five titles, that is crazy. He certainly can continue to go to the record of Schumacher to break. He still has a two year contract at Mercedes and Schumi is but two world titles and 20 races away, even that is possible in 2 seasons.”

“It is fantastic. He can really go for it to be statistically the best driver ever to be. I am convinced that he will be motivated to achieve that.”

Had Rosberg is still a lot of praise for his former team, Mercedes. He believes that they are well socialised with the pressure of Ferrari.

“The race in Mexico was of course not the best way to become world champion, but what does the”, relativizes Rosberg. “Ultimately, the end result is the most important. During the second half of the season began Vettel it is difficult to get, he made some mistakes, his team made some errors. On the other hand, were Mercedes and Lewis are all good for each other. Therefore, the season is already decided”, decided to Rosberg.

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