Kanye West makes an unexpected political reversal

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Kanye West

“My eyes are now wide open, and I realize now that I am used to delivering messages which I do not believe. I take exception to myself of the politics, and focus completely on being creative!!!”, he writes on the social platform. Where the star is usually much have a few thousand likes, books he now has a record number of more than sixty thousand likes.

But the reactions of the followers are less positive: one finds that he is easy to finish, and not so easy to ’return’. Some also think that Kanye – who recently unveiled a bipolar disorder to have – just the umpteenth ’change in mood’ suffering.

Not surprising that they think, given the frequent and recent overt support of Kanye for Donald Trump and the fact that he was only a few days ago even t-shirts made that calls for the Democrats to turn their back. But even there, he takes a closer look away from. According to him, he wanted to there will never be associated with it, and he has nothing to do with it.

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’Common sense’

Despite his statement that he is away from politics, said he still his ’real ideas’ and ’vision’. It the opinions of Trump. “I support those who are risking their lives to serve and protect, and I support the verantwoordelijkhouden of people misusing their power. I believe in love and compassion for people seeking asylum and parents who fight to protect their children against violence and war.”

Also he speaks out for the creation of employment, a reform of the prison system and wapenwetten based on ’common sense’, that ’our world safer will make.

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