Kanye West has had enough of politics: ‘I am so used to’

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The American rapper Kanye West was the last few weeks present in the American political landscape as a supporter of president Trump. He let Twitter know that he distances itself from politics.

‘My eyes are wide open and I’ve realized that I was used to delivering messages where I’m really not in faith, ” says the rapper on Twitter. “I take exception to myself of politics and go focus on the creative!’

Early October was a Western guest in the Oval Office, the office of the president in the White House. He lunched with president Trump and discussed, inter alia, the reform of the prison system. For the lunch held West a monologue of ten minutes for the press, while Trump watched.

The rapper was criticized because he was the red cap with the Trumps slogan ” Make America Great Again’ wore during a performance on Saturday Night Live and once again its support expressed to Donald Trump.

Now West is against the policy of Trump. ‘I support people who serve their country, and believe that people misusing their power there accountability for accountable, ” she said through Twitter. “I believe in love and compassion for asylum seekers and parents that their children are trying to protect against violence and war.”

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