Justin Timberlake: Jessica changed my life

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

“We were on a surprisefeestje and stood with a group of people at the bar to chat. I made a sarcastic comment, very dry, but no one understood it. Except they, they had to laugh. That was a moment when you wonder whether a person is like you, or they are just such a dry, somewhat dark sense of humor,” says Justin. The two chatted the whole evening, but exchanged no numbers.

“I stayed with her and was really interested in her. They had just something that me handle.” In 2007, they saw each other again at a concert of Justin, where a friend and her to had taken. After asked the singer or Jessica and her friends with him meewilden in the tour bus, which led to long conversations and lots of laughter. When the actress got out of the car did Justin her number.

After many calls back and forth, it was set after the end of Justins tour a month together, what made them decide really to go for it. “She has me changed. She has my whole life changed.” In 2012 they got married and three years later welcomed the Timberlakes their first child; son Silas.

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