John de Mol takes away from Bitcoin ad

aed5fc04fb2262fa38c4a796a63ce478 - John de Mol takes away from Bitcoin ad

“I’ve doubted if I the way to the outside had to act, but I want to avoid people money to lose and me will ask why I have not warned for this form of deception where my name is incorrectly connected,” says John de Mol.

The purpose of the ad is to get people to light up. Consumers are to an environment where they are asked to transfer money to a company that Bitcoin Profit is called. Facebook has the ad removed.

Two weeks ago happened to Humberto Tan something similar. Also on him was a nepartikel the round in which it was suggested that Tan a company in bitcoins was started and thus a lot of money had earned. Facebook deleted the article after Humberto there to complain about on social media.

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