Jim Carrey calls Trump a “kindontvoerder” at the award ceremony

d2cd7d03244ec63aed84c994acab3bc6 - Jim Carrey calls Trump a "kindontvoerder" at the award ceremony

Jim Carrey won last week Friday, the Charlie Chaplin Award for Humour at the Los Angeles’ Britannia Awards, organised by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He wore his prize to all the people that the president of Donald Trump’s life miserable. Are dankspeech dedicated the actor almost entirely to the (criticism of) Trump, reports entertainmentblad New Musical Express (NME).

About Charlie Chaplin, the legendary comedian where the prize is named after, had Carrey this to say: “He (Chaplin, ed.) took the American right wing of his time in the visor, his hatred for immigrants and contempt for the truth, and the abuse of power. Today, we fight against the same evil forces.”

Carrey was referring to Trumps migrantenpolitiek, that thousands of children separated from their families. “Shamelessness is not a superpower. It is the trait of a villain. Children kidnap is not what superpowers do.”

The actor dedicated the prize to Christopher Steele, the former British secret agent who launched the investigation into alleged contacts between Trumps campaign team and the Russian authorities, and Christine Blasey Ford, a candidate for the Supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct. Also NFL player Colin Kaepernick and actor Robert De Niro, a well-known Trump-critic who recently bompakket received, got a special mention.

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