Jebroer want all the Boxing Stars store

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“I’ve quickly mastered,” says Jebroer for the camera of the ANP. “I would like to learn and find it fun to learn. Moreover, it is a new challenge and that I take with both hands, for sure.”

The rapper wants out of his instinct to go save and punches. “I don’t think there’s a certain technique is where you have to follow. I think you very much need to learn, learn, learn and then need it a little bit from instinct.”

Everyone beat

With whom he will be in the ring, knows Jebroer not yet. “I still don’t know when I should fight, or against whom, that is all still a big question mark. But I want them all beat.”

See Carlos Platier Luna as well. “If you want to win, you need everyone can beat them.” The Expedition Robinson-winner still do not know when he is in the ring, it is expected and who he knocked out. “It makes me not so much, because you need everyone able to fight.”


Carlos takes not completely without experience part to to Boxing Stars. “I have no bokservaring, but have experience with judo. I have found that this is a very different sport, but I experience I is the length of time and that is fine.”

Tommie Christiaan get, just like most other famous people, inexperienced in the ring. “The first workout very little, especially condition is seen. I’m not in the gym, but am otherwise pretty fit and best strong. But that condition, I must still be at work.”

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