Jamie Lee Curtis got the nickname Scream Queen not

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Jamie Lee Curtis

“I made Halloween when I was 19, I had never thought that I was the Queen of what would be”, tells the actress to BuzzE. “Director John Carpenter gave me a huge chance, and then again with The Fog. I was then especially a lot of horroraanbiedingen, but after Halloween 2 I was just done with it and I have the years not done. I’ve never understood why anyone is with me always Scream Queen continued to call.”

Around the turn of the century was Curtis yet again in two Halloweens. Then she thought she permanently farewell had taken of the character Laurie Strode. Until two years ago they called was for a new movie, that the story forty years after the events from the first part tells. On the question of whether they the pros and cons to weigh when she was asked for the jubileumfilm, Curtis laugh. “No! There were only pros. This life is a plus. I mean that; I’m 60 years old. Who’s going to be me further call for the lead role in a movie?”


In addition, the script, the actress is huge. “I found it a very good idea that they make a direct sequel to the original from 1978 made it, all the other nine movies has not happened in this.” She was also very excited of the small references to the first Halloween. “The film is ultimately not achieved, but one of the first images would be that my granddaughter, such a cabinet with shutterdeuren walk into and the light is hurting. Immediately I knew that the fans from their roof would go.”

Her feeling was not wrong. The new Halloween, which from this week is in the Netherlands, is already a resounding success in the USA. Although Curtis’s success with open arms, join them, it is not directly under the highlights of her life. “My biggest achievement is that I’m twenty years ago, ‘ve stopped using drugs and alcohol. That is by far the most important thing I have ever done. My greatest pride and happiness are my two children, who are now smart, compassionate, and generous adults. And I am after thirty years, still with my first husband. That are the big successes in my life.”

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