Italian police are investigating human remains in building Vatican

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In one of the buildings of the Vatican in Rome are the human remains found. The Italian police has started an investigation. The remains could be connected with two mysterious disappearances from 1983, messages in the local media.

The discovery was made during restoration work at an annex building of the embassy of the Vatican, close to the famous Villa Borghese park in Rome. It comes to human bones. The police was notified and has launched an investigation into ‘gender, age and period of death’.

We primarily examined whether there is a correlation with the disappearance of two minor girls, Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori, each of which separately in 1983 in Rome disappeared.

Orlandi was the daughter of a police officer at the Vatican. She was last seen when she on June 22, the music came. It is suspected that she was kidnapped by a gang, which the Vatican tried to extort. A different slope is that she was kidnapped in exchange for the release of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk, pope John Paul II has been trying to kill. Her brother accused the Vatican at the time of to be complicit in her disappearance.

Mirella Gregori disappeared for forty days before Emanuela Orlandi. According to her mother would be the girl’s front door are going to open a school friend, but she turned never back.

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