Iran denies any plans for an attack in Denmark

f6e589bccd1076365d11d2c533de3397 - Iran denies any plans for an attack in Denmark

Iran has the message of the Danish domestic intelligence service PET about a planned attack in the Scandinavian country categoriek denied. According to the Danes, the Iranian secret service, a group of Iranian dissidents in Denmark.

The accusation of Denmark about the planned attack rather seem again a conspiracy with the purpose of the relations of Iran with the European Union to undermine it. That explained the spokesman of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Ghassemi.

The head of the PET had earlier in the day said that Iran is an attack had been planned in Denmark. Therefore, at the end of september, the bridges will be temporarily closed and ferry services to the neighbouring countries of Germany and Sweden suspended, Finn Borch Andersen.

The purpose of the planned attack would be a group in Denmark, residing Iranians, who are committed to the independence of the Iranian region around the city of Ahwa. Denmark asked Europe to send a strong signal.

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