In Yosemite died reisbloggers warned himself for the dangerous pictures

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The two visitors last week, a deadly trap made from Taft Point in California’s Yosemite National Park appear to be a couple of young Indian reisbloggers. On Instagram they always warned earlier that taking photos on such a spectacular lookout points can be dangerous.

The two persons who last week was found dead in Yosemite National Park, had, according to the parkbestuur the Indian nationality. It is a 30-year-old woman and her 29-year-old husband, who is in the United States lived.

The couple was on 24th of October, from the viewpoint of Taft Point 250 metres down deposited. The exact circumstances of the accident are still being examined, it sounds in a communication from the rangers, but they took too many risks to take a picture.

The two had kept in on social media a blog with photos and stories about their worldwide travels. On Instagram posted the set photos from spectacular vantage points. In a photo on the edge of the Grand Canyon, they wrote last march that snapshots of deep chasms can be dangerous. They warned for reckless actions.

This message on Instagram

CHASING SUNSETS or CHASING LIKES ??? … Sooo, today on #socialmediabadasstribe we are talking about limits or #doitforthegram.Yeah sure it can be limitless but guys, we reaaaallly need to have boundaries(this is handy as life lessons too but we will revisit that later) A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts or standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapers, but did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL??? Is our life just worth one photo? … When we squirm at another selfie attempt gone south from a skyscraper, let’s remember to save that in our core memory and not the memory dump (I am still on the Inside Out train, y’all ) Same applies when we get our knickers in a twist and hog a spot till we get the perfect shot I know I know, I am guilty as charged for all of this and if I didn’t have Mr. Two Goody Shoes, Vishnu with me, I am not even sure if I would have written this post. … Let us all try to be responsible digital citizens and use our “numbers” to be transparent and honest, shall we? None of us is perfect and the more we accept it and share our flaws as much as our wins, we are one step closer to creating a sane social media without the scary brouhahas. … Still there? Woohoo, a backflip is in order, or wait maybe a pizza? What about a unicorn ice-cream with some Disney-approved cotton candy and pixie dust infused sprinkles if…..IF you could tell me the one time you were effin’ proud of being candid and real in social media? … PS – Not sponsored but sweatshirt is from @radearthsupply #grandcanyonnps #northrim #instagramaz #visitarizona #travelarizona #shotzdelight #discovertheroad #usaroadtrip #visittheusa #outdoorsusa #exploretheusa #womenwhoexplore #iamtb #radparks #thediscoverer #gtgi #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #hikemore #radgirlslife #travelreality #dreamscape @womenwhoexplore @visit_arizona @visittheusa @shotzdelight

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Not the first deadly accident

The crags at Taft Point located 2,300 metres above sea level, offer breathtaking views, including El Capitan, a 900 m high granite mountains, with very difficult climbing routes.

In the for its waterfalls and impressive granite boulders of the famous Yosemite Park happen to be more accidents. In september plunged to an 18-year-old Israëlier to pieces, presumably to make a selfie. Previously died even though several mountaineers and other daredevils on El Capitan.

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