’In the ArenA to show who we are

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John Stegeman

At Hag also know that Ajax with the frontrunner out of the Kitchen Champion Division a team in form. Just like Ajax has Go Ahead this season only lost one game.

“We should be full go for the few percent chance that we have. But we also want to show who we are and what Go Ahead Eagles is currently. I have no desire to just reverse and negative football. I want to show that we are also decent build, opportunities, high press. Also against a good opponent I want to do that in stages of the competition back,” said trainer John Stegeman.

“Our strength this season is that we are a real team. We do not have a very young selection and not get easily confused,” said midfielder Istvan Bakx (32), which with TOP Oss, once for the cup to visit was in The Cockpit at Feyenoord. “When we have up to minute sixty, seventy in the competition before, but we were assumed. You always have a chance. You would not be a sportsman if you do not want to fight for that relatively small chance.”

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