Hungarian journalist that migrants are left to stumble acquitted

The Hungarian journalist Petra László, who two years ago immigrants had to stumble, is acquitted on appeal.

The journalist was previously sentenced to three years conditionally for the kick and do the stumble of migrants who, three years ago across the border from Serbia came walked.

The incident was filmed and the images went around the world. The Supreme court makes the judgments by the two lower courts are now undone.

The Supreme court ruled that László condemned was supposed to be for offensive behaviour. ‘Kicking immigrants is morally objectionable, but the consequences of her actions are too small to speak of a crime.’

The woman apologized during the process and said that she was afraid of the approaching migrants, and therefore, her leg touched it. She was fired by her former employer, N1TV.

The man she tackelde, the Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen, turned out to be a former football coach. He got afterwards a job offered as a soccer coach in Spain.

The incident happened when thousands of refugees and migrants through the balkan route arrived at the Hungarian border. A few weeks after that and completed the government of prime minister Viktor Orban a fence with barbed wire on the border with Serbia.

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