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How truthful is Neil Armstrong-biopic First Man?

d43767daa3727a636a8ab9eced807972 - How truthful is Neil Armstrong-biopic First Man?

Director Damien Chazelle does with the First Man an interesting Neil Armstrong-biopic made. But how truthful is the film?

Caution: this article contains spoilers.

“This is not a documentary. This is a movie. There will be things that have not happened or at least not that way. But then there’s a reason for it.’ Rick Armstrong said at Spacefest in Tucson that he has a lot of trust in the filmmakers to the story of his father to tell. Both the Nasa and the family of Neil Armstrong has worked on the film.


But not everything is correct. One of the most scenes is the moment that Neil Armstrong on the moon with tears in their eyes, a bracelet his dead daughter, who at the age of 2 to cancer has died – in a crater throws. Has Armstrong really done? Probably not.

Apparently the astronaut is indeed an unplanned detour to the edge of a crater, but there is no evidence that he did something of his daughter left behind. ‘That scene is for the film, ” says Nasa historian Bill Barry to The Washington Post.

Far-fetched is the scene is not. Some of the astronauts of the Apollo missions did indeed. Charlie Duke left a photo of his family on the moon behind, and Eugene Cernan wrote the initials of his daughter on the lunar surface. That makes the scene with Armstrong somewhere or credible. “We don’t know quite sure what Armstrong has done,” says biographer James Hansen. “Sometimes the power of poetry is more important than the uncertainty of facts.’

Images of the real moon landing in 1969:

In the only official biography of Armstrong, on which the movie is based, writes Hansen, is that the astronaut, including a jewel for his wife, and a piece of the airplane the Wright Brothers had taken. But nothing of family, nothing of his daughter. The author would, according to screenwriter Josh Singer’s sister Armstrong asked whether her brother might be a bit of Karen on the moon has left behind. ‘She burst into tears and said: “I really hope so”.’ The hope of a family member is one of the reasons why Singer the scene in his script.

Cool frog

In the film tail Armstrong occasionally also to the moon. In 2001, he was asked if he has ever done. His answer was clear: “No, I never did.’

That romantiseringen not take away that First Man, one of the most realistic movies about space travel. The former Apollo astronaut, Though, that advice gave for the film, says the director much effort has been done to all of the technical details are accurate, the way that astronauts in the space capsule entering to the sound of the zipper of a spacesuit.

What is also true is that Neil Armstrong several times through the eye of the needle is crawled. So came the test pilot in trouble during a test flight with the X-15 in 1961 (the opening scene). Only would be at an altitude of 37 km, the clouds never so close. He crashed during the training with the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle. He would not have injuries to his face have had as in the movie, he had, however, firmly on his tongue bitten. These images show the real crash of Armstrong:

That he was a cool frog, there can be little discussion. For his departure had Armstrong is, indeed, a conversation with his two sons. According to son Rick is the essence of them correctly displayed in the movie. Astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed Whiteen Roger Chaffee were effective in a fire during a test of Apollo 1.

The filmmakers have certainly the big lines and the look and feel of Nasa in through memory lane. Neil Armstrong died in 2012. His marriage to Janet ended in 1990. When they went out together, three years later they were separated.

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