His Lesleys days counted on Expedition Robinson?

093887afce7addc4112318a35799614a - His Lesleys days counted on Expedition Robinson?

After the merger, the expedition members will wake up with a full stomach. The table has the virtue done for their tormented bodies. But the atmosphere has changed: there is no Camp the North or Camp the South more, from now on, everyone is a camp in itself. The members of the former Camp South, however, have a pact and the first target seems to be Lesley.

In the immuniteitsproef is for the first time individually fought. Who comes out as the winner and allowed to depart to the luxurious winnaarseiland. The other robinsons leave for a new island, without vuursticks. The reminder of the hunger that the participants are members, without fire, is still fresh in the memory.
It is noteworthy that Lesley outside the group. The robinsons reply to her greetings are not conversations fall silent when they comes. The rising frustration with Lesley culminates in a violent group. She confronts the group in an attempt to bring the situation to straighten out. But it is the island council which decides on her fate. And this time get the expedition six votes, which they may freely inzettten to the semi-finals. The game is not yet played…

Expedition Robinson – Thursday at 20u35 at FOUR

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