Griezmann: ’Golden Ball, CL and three children

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Antoine Griezmann

In Russia, he was with France world champion. With Atletico Madrid he was second in La Liga and won the Europa League. And he wants to win more. “I dream of the golden ball, to conquer, and I’m not afraid to speak out,” said Griezmann compared to ESPN. “I want the golden ball, the Champions League and have three children. The dreams motivate me when I wake up in the morning.”

“The golden ball is for me the highest,” continues rush. “It is a prestigious award with a lot of historical value. It would be very nice for him to win, because of everything that I have to go through. In particular, the separation of my family at the age of three. Those were heavy times. It would be especially for my parents, my brothers and for myself.”

Antoine Griezmann

Thanks to a goal from Griezmann (unused penalty) won France in the final of the world cup with 4-2 to Croatia. “From that moment on, everyone likes you in the holes. Even what you are on the course or off the football field will be exposed,” says Griezmann. “I always had to do my best to get a good picture of myself, to paint, to as my role model to maintain.”

Atletico fans were very upset when Griezmann seemed to step up to FC Barcelona. He finds himself not the type to be doing that. “I don’t want 10,000 things on my mind. We are now moving, but that post I me not at all. I don’t know anything. My wife does everything. So I keep it pretty quiet.”

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