Girl is heading for 100,000 visitors.

54b13794d607ec46c45dbd5261712be5 - Girl is heading for 100,000 visitors.

Girl, the now award winning film debut of Lukas Dhont, welcomes today, Wednesday 31 October, the 100,000 th visitor. And that after only two weeks in the Belgian cinemas. This impressive rise is also in France characteristic, where for more than a quarter of a million visitors to the film since 10 October, have seen. After France, has the Girl so also his appointment with the Belgian bioscoopbezoeker not missed. Very exceptional is the fact that a movie with us, both in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia knows how to score, and a very large public is reached. In the Girl in cinemas from Thursday 1 november, and this on 55 prints (!).

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