Freddy De Kerpel heated tempers on VRT

d1202b44cbaabf7f32b542f21d497f8e - Freddy De Kerpel heated tempers on VRT

An interview with ex-boxer Freddy De Kerpel in The seventh day stirs up emotions for the VRT. Know that The Morning. The Kerpel did a few strong statements about the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and was too little resistance, trade union ACOD. The Kerpel, who has a Brazilian wife has expressed its support to Bolsonaro. He also suggested that racism in Brazil does not exist and that human rights do not necessarily apply to criminals. Significant statements, where barely comment on came. Can’t find them at ACOD-VRT. The union asked in a Facebook-post or The seventh day not more ambitious to deal with the subject.

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