Dennis Weening does a book open on his end for Expedition Robinson

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At the Golden Televizier Ring Gala knew Dennis Weening all that he Expedition Robinson no longer allowed to do

He denies that he stops with the tv program because his company want to focus on, something that RTL in a statement reported. “My company is now running very well and I also try my best to do so, but of course that is not a reason to stop. For Robinson, I set everything to the side. My contract was simply not renewed.”

Whatever the reason is that RTL him, the program no longer wants to present, he knows not and that does hurt him. “It’s your baby.” And: “It is of course bitter that you have a program that’s so good scores, that each season does better, that is so often nominated for the Dutch, no longer allowed to do. You think: ’WHY?’”

’Difficult and emotional’

Dennis Weening presents the program for seven years. He was given for the recording of this last season to hear that he was not allowed, but if that is not bring out. “And that makes it very difficult, you need to carry all the time. In the meantime, I’m with the Dutch happy to do, I sit at the press day, and you also record a program while you know that your last time is.”

“That makes it difficult. That is emotional for me. I find it great pity, that is, to put it mildly, that I was Robinson not more to do.” The positive reactions of fans to give him strength. “But it’s just a bit of a kloteperiode now.”

’My friend’

RTL responded with an official statement in the program: “It is true that the contract of Dennis Weening some time ago is terminated. in the interest of Dennis, we go further in.”

Nicolette Kluijver, that Expedition Robinson together with him presented, may also not much say about it. “I am going miss it hugely. He is just my friend and we still keep in touch.”

Previously were rumours that Art Rooijakkers Weening would follow, but according to the transmitter itself, they are with multiple candidates in the interview.

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