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Charleroi confirm thuisreputatie with victory against STVV

5bb45b38c98743d1b685007f121e853f - Charleroi confirm thuisreputatie with victory against STVV

Charleroi Tuesday night with the smallest difference won from Sint-Truiden. Benavente headed home midway through the second half the only goal of the game against the ropes. The Zebra’s snatch after this fourth thuiszege in a row, to swim eight, at one point of the Canaries.

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Cold, rain, and spiders: the duel between Charleroi and STVV announced himself as a high flyer and that there was to see. Felice Mazzu fit his system, and went with three – or five, if you want to – rear play. Osimhen, good for four goals in his last three games, got in the front support of Perbet. Marc Brys kept the trust in the same eleven that Club Brugge last weekend at 2-2 held, but the performance was anything but the same.

For peace dominated Charleroi, especially with an active Nurio on the left. Also Osimhen showed himself to be eager, but so well he ran away with Garcia Pol, so bad was his finishing when he was eye-to-eye with Steppe. STVV on the other hand showed little, but on the stroke of peace received Charleroi almost the lid on the nose. Alexis De Sart if close crosses, but a sublime voetveeg of Penneteau made sure that both teams without a goal the rest were.

Garcia Pol saves on the line

STVV was at the start of the match, however, on two points of Play-off 1 and lost this season only two times, but it didn’t seem like the Canaries the three points to Mambourg were down. Now it was Garcia Pol a shot of Marinos on the line had to rescue. Charleroi kept pressing and that resulted eventually in the oververdiende 1-0: Benavente nodded a great cross from Ilaimaharitra within. Dierick listened to the VAR to see if it’s not offside, but the referee pointed to still move into the center spot.

STVV came now with a mini-final offensive, but the shot of the sunken Ceballos went just next. It was Charleroi that the nearest to a hit came, but Perbet blasted a towering risk as high. At the last second was the headline in The Norre for STVV.

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