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Caution Mac users: the App opens hackers a back-door

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The App “CoinTicker” looks at first glance like a useful application: it shows the users current price information of the largest Cryptocurrencies on the most popular trading exchanges. But be careful: Apparently, the App is installed back doors for hackers. This is a well-known software company for Internet security by the name of Malwarebytes claimed. In a Blog Post from the 29. October gives you a comprehensive overview of the software vulnerabilities.

Thomas Reed, Director of the commercial Department “Mac & Mobile”, tweeted on Monday, the 29. October:

“I just spent the entire Sunday afternoon and evening in order to analyse a new Mac Malware, and to make a Blog Post out of it. So the life of a security officer… I have enjoyed every Minute of it!“

Apparently, the specially on the Mac-tailored CoinTicker installed the two rear doors. The two files EvilOSX and EggShell to open hackers a door and a gate to the Apple Computer. You create a folder under the cryptic, probably a randomly generated name such as “UpQZdhkKfCdSYxg”. In such folders, the Scripts of the two programs are hidden – and from there the communication with external servers to be running. What the hackers actually do just this is the Blog Post that is still unclear – much, however with such programs possible. Since the App would be in connection with crypto-currencies, it is likely that the Hacker wanted to gain access to the Wallets of the users, this clear.

Cybercrime in the crypto world is still

Unfortunately, cases like CoinTicker appear again and again. Basically the crypto world grows, while their former criminal Image – crypto-jacking is currencies are on the decline, and Digital is significantly more legal than criminal purposes. State regulation is increasingly resorting to and Hack of large Bitcoin exchanges will be compensated by the users mostly. However, you should not be fooled: In the crypto-scene, Cybercrime is still prevalent. Self-responsibility is therefore a great Good, and it is important to check exactly which Wallets we store our Coins.

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