Breaks Julie Colpaert record for The Smartest Man In the World?

a78975e4c83e451af6ce11801eb126ad - Breaks Julie Colpaert record for The Smartest Man In the World?

Is season 16 of The Smartest Man In the World in history as the season in which records to the belt breaking? That chance is large. Julie Colpaert is to collision course to the record of most episodes ever to disconnect. If they are Wednesday and Thursday wins, she sits at 12 episodes.
Last week still managed to Studio Brussel presenter Michèle Cuvelier managed to get the highest score ever to put down, they collected a whopping 598 seconds. Never did someone better. And now also, Julie Colpaert on the way to a record to improve. But the game should be played. Tonight, Julie the record against Viktor Verhulst and newcomer Frank Boeckx. VTM-journalist Julie Colpaert out this season, head and shoulders above it. No one managed to do so in more than three episodes to play, only Julie does better with 10 pieces. Tuesday night, however, a neck-to-neck race. Both Clara Cleymans as Viktor Verhulst gathered 386 seconds, Julie had 12 more, and brought a new victory. Her seventh victory in the meantime, a better record can Julie Colpaert scarcely imagine. In the nine episodes she played only two times in the finals. Thursday, may Julie Colpaert write history, episode 11 is known as a major stumbling block. Bert Burns, Annelies Rutten, Freeck Braeckman, Lieven Verstraete, Linda De Win, Peter Vandermeersch, Eva Brems, Otto-Jan Ham, Tom Waes and Olga Leyers were killed in that eleventh episode. Julie Colpaert can tonight to join the select group of 11 people that 11 times could play a role. You saw, indeed, only 10 names, there is also the Gert Verhulst to 11 times played but not a 12th time, could be because the finaleweken started. For Julie Colpaert the command is simple: Wednesday night to advance to the episode of Thursday. In that case she is the co-record holder. If they Thursday know to survive, then she is the only candidate ever with 12 participations.

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