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Bitcoin wallet Coinbase raises company value to $ 300 million

7b3309784f7e23b8bd0fa2a03ddeaea9 - Bitcoin wallet Coinbase raises company value to $ 300 million

The Bitcoin exchange Coinbase will continue to grow. With an additional financial injection of $ 300 million, the San Francisco-based company has set new plans. The current efforts are designed to attract mainly institutional investors.

Coinbase wants to grow. In a blog post, the Bitcoin has announced publicly that it has completed a new round of financing. According to information she has added to the already existing Pool of funds, a further 300 million US dollars. Now, the Bitcoin Start-up from San Francisco is a Post-Money valuation of eight billion dollars.

High Goals

According to the information you want currencies with the current funding, both Crypto and the Blockchain-industry will help to continue to grow and to be adapted. Specifically, Coinbase wants to

  • global expansion and the infrastructure between Fiat and crypto-currencies in regulated markets worldwide;
  • more and faster crypto-currencies: The company wants to add to the current holdings of other crypto-currencies, and increased liquidity concerns;
  • more applications for crypto-currencies, for example by offering the Stable Coin USDC and the Coinbase Wallet;
  • the adaptation and the Investment by institutional investors.

Previous Donors

The Post-Money valuation of eight billion dollars, includes the previous investments of capital providers. These include Tiger Global Management, Wellington Management, Andreessen Horowitz, and Polychain.

Coinbase currently offers the crypto-currencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zerox, USDC and Ethereum Classic. Most recently, the company listed with the USD Coin of the Circle the first Stable Coin.

Controversy surrounding the Bitcoin stock exchange

In the haze of the circle of exchange, there was also a controversial Listing of the ZRX-Token. Here is an entanglement between the Teams of Coinbase, the Investment company Scalar Capital and the 0x-platform has been disclosed. Therefore, there was considerable doubt as to the integrity of the staff – it was speculated that the entanglements in the personnel served, ultimately, to the enrichment of the stock exchange.

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