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Bitcoin vs. Ripple (XRP) – A fight with hard bandages

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Ripples of new chief marketing strategist, Cory Johnson said in a Podcast, Ripple is like Bitcoin. Just faster, better and cheaper. Time to send the two crypto-giants against each other in the Ring: Bitcoin vs. Ripple.

At the latest since the Scooter we don’t know that there is always enough, if you have the loudest, right. But it helps. Because of the “Song” Faster, Harder, Scooter! has burned somehow in our minds, and thus (for better or worse) a certain degree of permission. For taste is known to argue. The facts, however, are not, as it may come as a surprise that the new chief marketing strategist, has told Ripple in a Podcast:

“The technology for XRP is not like Bitcoin 2.0. It is Bitcoin, but it is faster. It is Bitcoin, but it does not consume tons of energy. It is BTC, but it is not controlled by Chinese miners. And at the fundamental [level], it is a Blockchain-Asset that will be used, in principle, for the movement of value [value].“

Bitcoin 2.0. then it was a strong announcement. Faster, cheaper and much better for announcements that you have to prove are all. Time to send the two crypto-giants in the Ring. Ladies and gentlemen: Bitcoin against Ripple (XRP).

Bitcoin vs. Ripple (XRP) round 1: Ripple is not Bitcoin, but faster

In the blue corner we have the heavyweight champion of the world in Bitcoin, with a market capitalization of 109.469.635.997 US Dollar. Of the approximately 6,300 U.S. Dollar giant drags himself unseen in the Ring and is cheered by the distributed mass from all over the world.

In the red corner, the Challenger XRP comes with the banner of his Trainer, Ripple on the back. With a market capitalization of 17.829.058.323 US Dollar, the fly Bouncing off weight with an ease of 0.44 dollars in the Ring, and begins immediately to umtänzeln Bitcoin-footed.

Heavy blows hit hard

With an average of 28 minutes (July 2018) is in need of crypto-Opa Bitcoin long to land his punches. Until the attacks of Bitcoin to arrive, Ripple fired some XRP with only a few seconds confirmation time Ripples XRP ends up significantly faster beats. But will it be enough to win round one?

It doesn’t look like it – Bitcoin is feeling the hit. It also wants a thing while with 286.035 transactions in the last 24 hours XRP gets but then neatly on the cap. With its almost 90,000 transactions, the flying weight can’t keep up then but not quite.

The Gong sounds, the counterparties to go back to the coaches. The heavyweight champion of the world has to get in a short time, many small blows, but in a longer period of time, several massive head nuts. 1:0 for Bitcoin. An unfair fight.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple (XRP) round 2: XRP does not consume tons of energy

The Gong sounds for the second round. Something Unexpected happens: The view from the room darkened, and clouds move through the hall. Both counterparties have refueled in the Pause of their reserves, but short-hand the power went out in the hall. While Bitcoin is suspected to have again the energy from the surrounding area absorbed, has a Trainer Ripple pumped his protégé XRP with enough power to the whole hall to fuel.

Finally, a large company behind him that has the aim to revolutionize the complete electronic payment transactions. But the air is too bad that the referee blows to end round 2 inconclusive and waits until the smoke clear and the visibility is raking in the hall again. We can briefly give you a report.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple (XRP) round 3: Ripple is not controlled by Chinese miners

Totally scared of round 1 and are easily damaged from round 2 XRP screams with the voice of his Coach: “at Least I’m not controlled by Chinese miners!” Trainer Ripple grins satisfied, after he has whispered his protégé into his ear what he has to say.

But Bitcoin is unimpressed and declared, laughing: “nobody controls!”. He explains in detail why it does not create a Mining Pool in the world, to control it from the outside. And the remote voices of the Satoshi Nakamoto call in the multi-national choir: we don’t get small!

Scared XRP back to coach Ripple. Because XRP feels comfortable: his coach. Because even if this denies it again and again: they are carved from a wood. Centralized, controlled, quickly, and started to make SWIFT competition.

Debriefing: An unfair fight

It was a quick and unfair fight, we were able to observe. Crypto giant BTC fights with other bandages as a flying weight of XRP. Although the latter can throw fast and cheap transactions. But to say that XRP is Bitcoin 2.0. is totally inappropriate. Probably the most important aspect here is the decentralized approach.

Just today, on the tenth birthday of the White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, one may call the basic idea (again): decentralization. Without a controlling instance, consisting of the users around the world. That is its strength, the ring fight, in the end, decides. Questions of scaling, speed, and energy consumption are all problems that the Community is aware of, and you also.

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