Beyoncé brings a tribute to Toni Braxton

3aa5b7b71361d53b755427f22329ae0f - Beyoncé brings a tribute to Toni Braxton

“I send all my love and adoration to one of our most talented legends. Thank you for your countless hits. Your voice, your range, your beauty and your God given talent to be nurtured. I will always love you. Happy Halloween to my kings & queens,” says Beyoncé on Instagram.

Toni responded hysterical via Instagram: “Phoni? Here is nothing at all neps! How can you look better than I have on MY album cover?! I find it to be crazy, you are a superstar! Thank you for your love dear, happy Halloween!”

Beyoncé is already in the skin of a fellow superstar crept up during Halloween. In 2014 she went together with her daughter Blue Ivy dressed as Michael and Janet Jackson.

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