Barbra Streisand to guest in Car Karaoke

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Barbra Streisand

The singer posted the promo of the show on her Twitter account and wrote: “They say there’s a first time for everything is….can you believe that this is my first time that I am aloud in a car singing? I have so much fun with James Corden, all watching Thursday night!.”

Corden has a bit of big star next to him in his car. The best-viewed episode is still with Adele, with 187.790.022 views. Justin Biebers first visit to James was good for 139.698.698 views, where his second performance, the ’just’ with 76.461.562 had to do. The most discussed Car pool Karaoke was the broadcast with Paul McCartney, who in June together with the British host paid a visit to Liverpool, the city where he and The Beatles have grown up. There was an extra long broadcast.

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