“Avatar”franchise, the end of uitgejouwde logo-font

11620c976850b252e7d2c88cc6dbf499 - "Avatar"franchise, the end of uitgejouwde logo-font

Since the first ‘Avatar’ sequel until 2020 the halls, remains may have to wait a while on a trailer. After the sequel there are three vervolgfilms. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox or the new logo of the franchise is revealed.

It is notable that director James Cameron and the production team of the Papyrus-font afstapten, probably because there is often the spot was driven. As played actor Ryan Gosling in the sketchprogramma Saturday Night Live a man who is pursued by the font. The video went viral and has almost 8 million hits on YouTube.

The first “Avatar” dates back from 2009. The film brought worldwide more than 2.7 billion dollars, and is still number one in the list of most successful movies of all time. The film clinched three academy awards and was praised for its use of pioneering new techniques.

This is exactly why were graphic artists it is so funny that it is precisely this movie by the life went out with a logo based on the Papyrus font. That is installed by default on most Microsoft and Mac systems, although the use in professional circles often geridiculiseerd. Only with Comic Sans is just a bit more, the spot is driven.

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