‘At the end of november agreement on the Brexit’

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The British Brexit-minister Dominic Raab thinks that there is an agreement about the Brexit can be achieved for 21 november. That he writes in a letter to the British parliament.

In the letter, addressed to the Brexit-committee of the British parliament, writes Raab that he likes by the commission shall be heard as soon as an agreement is reached. “I think that the date of 21 november will be suitable, as there to read. The three-page letter, is dated on October 24, but the contents fell until Wednesday known.

‘The end (of the negotiations) is in sight and we can find our way through the remaining obstacles, ” he continues. “We are not far from an agreement.’

A spokesman of the British prime minister Theresa May wants, however, does not allow to pin down on a date. “We hope as soon as possible an agreement’, did that spokesman only lost.

A senior EU source tells the British newspaper The Guardian , however, that if at the end of november actually an agreement about the Brexit must be achieved, there hoogdringend’ a breakthrough must be achieved. ‘The British should be realistic about the time needed’, as it sounds. All would be there next week again negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom take place.

Irish border

Raab travelled in mid October is still in post-haste to Brussels, what the speculations raised that an agreement was reached on the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. On march 29, 2019 is the day, but still there is no agreement between London and Brussels about the way in which that should happen.

The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, whose prime minister May not want it after the Brexit a ‘hard limit’ is, remains the most contentious point of discussion. A draft agreement that May, in July, proposed the so-called Chequers-plan, was previously rejected by the other member states of the EU.

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