Ariana Grande changes tattoo of Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are now from each other

But Ariana has this tattoo changed into a figure which resembles a leaf or a feather, as discovered Page Six on her Instagram story. On the video is to see that they are toast releases with her friends. During the toast she shows her left hand, where ever the tattooed text, but that has now been replaced.

In the video she writes: “Words fail to describe how I see these people in eternal love and am grateful. They help me to make lemons into lemonade to change and me to pieces,” writes Grande, seemingly referring to her broken engagement.

The singer and the comedian were during their relationship several tattoos. So, Ariana is also the number 8418 on her ankle to immortalize. That was the badgenummer of the father of Pete, a firefighter who died in the attacks of 11 september in New York.

The two announced in may, suddenly their engagement, after only a few weeks of dating. In the course of October it was announced that they’re apart.

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