“Anne Lok still pregnant with Iran’

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Alexander Pechtold

In her much-discussed story about the way came to an end her four-year fellowship with the politician, she put on Pechtolds equally compelling as an urgent request in april abortion to have committed. She swallowed for a few pills, that the fruit would have to be deflected. Until very recently she discovered that this was apparently not successful, and that she still is pregnant. To Story confirms that the baby in January it is expected.

For Alexander Pechtold comes this news is exceedingly inconvenient. He has never in his affair with Lok, the way in which he put an end to made or all abortusverhalen want to respond.

After his retirement from The Hague, he sought the shelter and thought in all tranquility to be able to look for a new feature, called that of Commissioner of the King in Gelderland.

Anne Lok was not reachable for comment.

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