American synagogeschutter sued for hate crime

454137232e229b9e4efcbe7033d38ab5 - American synagogeschutter sued for hate crime

The man, who is accused of the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, where on Saturday 11 people were killed, is charged with 44 offences, including some with the death penalty can be punished.

The 46-year-old Robert Bowers was Wednesday by the federal chamber of inbeschuldingstelling among others sued for ‘hate crimes that led to the death’. He risks therefore the death penalty or a lifetime prison sentence, followed by a further 535 year cell.

Last Saturday he fell inside the Tree of Life synagogue during the celebration of the sabbath. In addition to the eleven killed, six wounded, of whom four police officers. Bowers himself was also injured, and appeared this week in court in a wheelchair. He would be pretty good.

According to the prosecutors said Bowers during the massacre that he is ‘the Jews wants to kill’. On his accounts on social media posted Bowers racist messages. He laid the blame for the Spanish-speaking migrants in the United States to the Jews. ‘These crimes are incomprehensible evil and utterly incompatible with the values of our nation, ” said minister of Justice Jeff Sessions.

The American president Donald Trump released Tuesday, along with his wife Melania, a visit to Pittsburgh. The arrival of Trump, however, was not warmly welcomed. Around 1,500 people gathered around the synagogue to protest against his coming.

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