Ajax leads halfway against Go Ahead in the second cup round

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  • Ajax leads halfway against Go Ahead in the second cup round

Ajax leads halfway against Go Ahead in the second cup round

31 October 2018 17:57
31-10-18 17:57
Last update: 10 minutes ago
Update: 10 minutes ago

After Heracles Almelo-Vitesse (0-2) Wednesday AZ-VVV-Venlo, FC Emmen-ODIN’59, FC Utrecht-ASWH, Green Star-sc Heerenveen, Willem II-Spakenburg (19.45) and Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles (20: 45) started in the second round of the KNVB-cup. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.


  • Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles (1-0)


  • Heracles Almelo-Vitesse 0-2
  • Willem II-Spakenburg 5-0
  • FC Utrecht-ASWH 5-1
  • FC Emmen-ODIN 1-3
  • AZ-VVV 2-0
  • Green Star-Heerenveen 1-3

Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · a few seconds geleden46′ The ball rolls again in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles (2-0) is resumed.KNVB cup · 9 minutes geledenDe 19.45-contests are over. All the results in a row:

  • Willem II-Spakenburg (5-0)
  • FC Utrecht-ASWH (5-1)
  • FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 (1-3)
  • AZ-VVV-Venlo (2-0)
  • Green Star-Heerenveen (1-3)

FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 · 13 minutes ago

Blamage FC Emmen against amateurs ODIN ’59
FC Emmen is at home against ODIN ’59 with 1-3 down. The home team comes via Glenn Axe is still on edge, but then it goes wrong for the Fc. Through Ahmed al Mahdi and Nigel Hardenberg wins the team, which leads to the fourth level, with 1-3.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 19 minutes geleden84′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 5-1

For the second time is the touch for the Region: 5-1.Willem II-Spakenburg · 19 minutes geleden81′ GOAL for Willem II! 5-0

On indicate of Avdijaj, note Sol, his second of the night and make it 5-0.AZ-VVV · 20 minutes geleden87′ GOAL AZ! 2-0

Also in Alkmaar you can decide. Idrissi is the one-two with Midtsjö and doubles the lead.FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 · 24 minutes geleden82′ GOAL ODIN ’59! 1-3

It has all the appearance of that Fc FC Emmen tonight is turned off by ODIN ’59, a club which opens on the fourth level. Hardenberg and blasts his second of the evening and the 1-3 against the ropes.Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · 25 minutes geleden38′ GOAL Ajax! 2-0

Ajax has a half hour long, difficult, Go Ahead, but still comes to rest on a 2-0-lead. Labyad will get the ball aangespeeld in the penalty area and shoot touch.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 26 minutes geleden77′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 4-1

Of the Region, just all of the declarant, will now be taking the attack on, and the headline in the 4-1 in the goal.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 28 minutes geleden74′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 3-1

Upon indication of the Region makes Dessers there 3-1. The ten of ASWH is won.Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · 29 minutes geleden35′ GOAL Ajax! 1-0

He was already close, and now it is do touch for Neres! The Brazilian truncates field mate and shoot hard touch. Ajax has a lead over the competition.Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · 29 minutes geleden32′ Great opportunity and Ajax. A beautiful attack reached Neres, who hit the ball for knocking, but it pops against Go Ahead-the final item on the Verhulst.FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 · 31 minutes geleden74′ GOAL ODIN ’59! 1-2

For the surprise of this bekeravond you must still in Drenthe. Third Divisionist ODIN ’59 Heemskerk comes from a penalty kick on a 1-2 lead at Emmen!Green Star-Heerenveen · one hour geleden49′ GOAL Heerenveen! 1-2

Within five minutes of peace set the Marbles in order. Zeneli is the terminus of a beautiful attack.Green Star-Heerenveen · one hour geleden46′ GOAL Heerenveen! 1-1

Rienstra pops a dropping ball hard against the ropes. It is similar in Limburg.AZ-VVV · one hour geleden46′ GOAL AZ! 1-0

The second half is barely started or AZ is all on lead. Mats Seuntjens breaks the spell.Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · one hour geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles is on the way.Green Star-Heerenveen · one hour geleden41′ GOAL Green Star! 1-0

What a thrill! League Green star comes on a 1-0-lead against Heerenveen! The Marbles should be full to the basin to a blamage to avoid.AZ-VVV · one hour ago

We already have a lot of goals seen tonight, but not yet in AZ-VVV. Both teams do little for each other under and come not to score.FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 · one hour geleden34′ GOAL ODIN ’59! 1-1

Ahmed al Mahdi brings the amateurs out of Heemskerk at the same height with the Fc: 1-1.Heracles-Vitesse · one hour agoPast! Vitesse wins by hits of Ödegaard and Buitink deserved with 0-2 of Heracles and reached the last sixteen of the cup.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 2 hours geleden29′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-1

Joris van Overeem get the shot in the short corner. Utrecht sets in order.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden89′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-2

Over and out in the Polman Stadium. Thomas Buitink is diepgestuurd by Linssen, and record cold-blooded the 0-2.Willem II-Spakenburg · 2 hours geleden25′ GOAL for Willem II! 2-0

Via Daniel Crowley doubles the home team the lead. No problem for the Tricolores.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 2 hours geleden22′ GOAL ASWH! 1-1

What is happening here? The Third Divisionist comes back! ASWH-captain Jesper van den Bosch benefits from fumbling Willem Janssen, the ball will just return. It is the same in Stadium Galgenwaard.FC Emmen-ODIN ’59 · 2 hours geleden19′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-0

Glenn Bijl put the Third Divisionist left behind.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden77 ” Finally, a chance for Heracles, the first after the rest. A zwabberbal of Kuwas is weggestompt by Vitesse goalkeeper Eduardo.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden74′ What a chance for Vitesse! Darfalou may in alone on the goal of the Brewer, but the Match shoot well in addition. Again, the visitors Heracles in life.Willem II-Spakenburg · 2 hours geleden10′ GOAL for Willem II! 1-0

Also Willem II coming soon at 1-0. The top scorer of the people of tilburg, Fran Sol, shoot touch.FC Utrecht-ASWH · 2 hours geleden5′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

Utrecht has an early lead! Gyrano Church opens the score on behalf of the Domstedelingen.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden67′ Lat! There is almost 0-2. Linssen pegelt the ball against the underside of the crossbar. Heracles escaped.Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours agoCerny makes a comeback at Ajax
Many of the changes in the setup at Ajax for the bekerduel with Go Ahead Eagles. Compared to last Sunday have only Daley Blind, Donny van de Beek and Lasse Schöne in their starting maintain. One of the eight novice in the arrangement with the Locals is Vaclav Cerny, who after a year of injuries his comeback.

Ajax: Lamprou; Kristensen, Schuurs, Blind, Baker; Of the Stream, Neres, Schöne; Cerny, Huntelaar, Labyad.

All names! 📝


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen19:37 – 31 October 2018Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden56′ Heracles insists, but after rest, not really dangerous. A shot distance of Drost is going to hold next.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

The most outstanding player in the first half, Martin Ödegaard. With a brilliant goal he opens the score and record his first hit in the service of the people from arnhem.Heracles-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden46′ Switch at Heracles. Vincent Vermeij stays behind in the dressing room and is replaced by Adrian Dalmau.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours agoRest! The party is long in balance, but in the final open Ödegaard on behalf of Vitesse the score. The people from arnhem lead halfway with 0-1.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden40′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-1

What a goal from Martin Ödegaard! The Norwegian takes the ball great and shoot the ball in a phenomenal way in the far corner. The people from arnhem stand on edge.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden30′ Big possibility Vitesse. Karavaev gives the ball beautifully for then Darfalou the ball inside seems to be heads, but Brouwer knows just a hand against the ball to convert.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden22′ What a chance for Heracles! Kuwas omspeelt Vitesse goalkeeper Eduardo has the ball from the right wing for the type. The vleugelaanvaller shoot the ball, however, in the zijnet.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden16′ Re Ödegaard dangerous. A shot distance of the Noor is fine turned by Brewer.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden14′ The duel in Almelo, the netherlands still needs to come off. Both teams have struggled to create opportunities. Goals we have not yet seen.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden5′ The first opportunity of the match for the visitors. The decaying ball falls to the feet of Ödegaard, but the shot from the midfielder is too weak to Heracles goalkeeper Brewer in trouble.Heracles-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Polman Stadium. Heracles-Vitesse is on the way.Heracles-Vitesse · 4 hours ago

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AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen18:10 – October 31, 2018Heracles-Vitesse · 4 hours ago

Earlier this season were Heracles and Vitesse are already opposite to each other. In Arnhem, the netherlands won the home team when with large numbers: 4-0.Heracles-Vitesse · 4 hours geledenDe warm-up will start in Almelo, the netherlands. Very busy, it is not yet in the Polman Stadium.

🙌 Brewer under the lat
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AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen17:52 – 31 October 2018Heracles-Vitesse · 4 hours geledenDe most notable name in the base when Heracles is Bradley Kuwas. The vleugelaanvaller struggled with a muscle injury, but is fit enough to start. Mohammed Osman appears to be the kick-off for the home team. The 24-year-old midfielder enjoyed his training with opponent, Vitesse.

Heracles Almelo: Brewer; Droste, Rossmann, Van den Buijs, Czyborra; Osman, Merkel, Kuwas; Drost, Vermeij, Peterson.

THE ELEVEN ⚡️ #hervit #TOTOKNVBBeker


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen17:12 – October 31, 2018Heracles-Vitesse · 4 hours geledenVitesse-trainer Leonid Slutsky begins with a battered team to the cup match against Heracles. So are missing, among others, Alexander Büttner, Arnold Kruijswijk, Roy Beerens, Maikel van der Werff and Tim Matavz by injuries. The 20-year-old Danilho gave doekhi some firm kicks at the beginning of this season not in the selection was, in the heart of the defense. He replaces captain Van der Werff in the thuisduel with Fortuna Sittard injured. Former Heracles-captain Thomas Bruns starts on the bench.

Vitesse: Eduardo; Karavaev, Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks, Clarke-Salter, Clark; Bero, Serero, Foor; Ödegaard, Darfalou, Linssen.

Our first eleven for the game with @HeraclesAlmelo tonight🔥
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AuteurVitesseMoment of plaatsen17:25 – 31 October 2018KNVB-cup · 4 hours geledenOm 18.30 hours there is again a delicious bekeravond start. The matches are as follows:

🏆| Tonight, these seven races on the program in the second round of the #TOTOKNVBBeker.


AuteurKNVBMoment of plaatsen09:14 – October 31, 2018Back to top


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