Actor supporting role was in ‘Better Call Saul’ sawed his own arm off and pretended to be a war veteran

51e1d589e81afe6dd52138e22e9e6fe1 - Actor supporting role was in 'Better Call Saul' sawed his own arm off and pretended to be a war veteran

Todd Latourette from Albuquerque, in the U.s. state of New Mexico, sawed 17 years ago his right arm. The actor is bipolar and was at that time in a “psychotic episode”. Then did Latourette himself as a wounded war veteran in the hope of rolls to score, which also succeeded. He appeared in the popular series ” Better Call Saul,’ announces the local tv station KOB4.

The actor confessed that he his right arm off had sawn with a circular saw during a psychotic episode. Then he did the outside world for as wounded war veteran, to roll to score. Did it also: he appeared recently in the fifth episode of the fourth season of the AMC-hitreeks ‘Better Call Saul’ and also received some smaller rolls of film to tackle. “I was cast because I lied”, he says.

Latourette admits, that lie will eventually become unbearable, and therefore he has decided to reach out to others with his story. He realizes that this is most likely his acting career will hinder. “I make my career death to do this”, sounds. “I don’t expect forgiveness, but I hope that my story other people who are struggling with mental health problems will help.”

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