Well-known gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger found dead in cell

b39f3b73628f446bbe4e66668788d3d8 - Well-known gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger found dead in cell

Johnny Depp (l) and James Bulger in ‘Black Mass’.

James Bulger, one of the most feared gangsters in the United States, at age 89, found dead in the prison. About the double life of Bulger as an FBI informant was a few years ago the film ‘Black Mass’.

A day after James Bulger, nicknamed Whitey, from a prison in Florida was moved to the hazelton hotel-prison in West Virginia, was the former gangster was found dead in his cell. Yet, there was no information given about the cause of death, the investigation is still ongoing.

In jail Bulger since 2013 a double life sentence. He was convicted for 11 murders and a string of other offences, including extortion. Whitey was known for his short fuse. So he would according to the plaintiffs two women with his hands, strangled. A man would by Bulger for hours, tortured, and then the gangster has him by the head shot with a machine gun.

Played by Johnny Depp

Whitey – a nickname he was given by his blond hair-which he hated – started out as a bank robber, after a term of imprisonment to join the Irish mafia. Bulger and his Winter Hill gang operated for more than twenty years from South Boston. They kept themselves busy with woekerleningen, gambling, extortion, drugs and murder.

What is the story of Bulger extraordinary, is that his business led, with the knowledge of FBI agent and childhood friend John J. Connolly. Who turned a blind eye for Bulgers crimes in exchange for information about other gangsters. In 2015, played Johnny Depp the gangster in the movie ‘Black Mass’.

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