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Weather in Venice: two paintings of Miro damaged by flooding toilets

Two paintings of Joan Miro which would be exhibited in the Venetian Zaguripaleis, by water affected. The Dogestad currently has to contend with exceptional floods.

The exhibition ‘Kandinsky to Botero, ” would this Thursday at the Palazzo Zaguri be opened. Monday everything still seemed in order, but when the organisers Monday night the water level came to inspect, it turned out that the water from the toilets was flooded as a result of the high water level.

Two Miro’s that were part of the exhibition and which are still packed up against the wall stood, were damaged. Both works are about up to their middle by the water affected. The works are now to a studio sent for a spoedrestauratie.

Monday afternoon, the high tide in Venice to 156 inches. It was only the sixth time in 80 years that the threshold of 150 centimeters was exceeded.

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