“We have to live from 1300 euro

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Co Stompé and Danielle were last year sentenced to applicable, work penalties, and remained behind with a debt of up to eur 80,000. Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. “If it goes well, we can agree on a vacation.”

Former professional darts player CO STOMPÉ (56) and his wife DANIELLE (50) climbing slowly but surely out of a deep valley. The couple was last year sentenced to applicable, work penalties of between 150 and 190 hours, because they’re from 2009 to 2013 fraudeerden with the declaration of the sales and income tax. According to their lawyer, there was no question of evil intent, but knew it Was not enough of accounting. That, however, was by the court overruled: they should have known better.

“We were left with a debt of 80,000 euro,” says Co in discussions with PRIVATE.

The two even had their wedding rings to sell to stay afloat, but continued to fight for their marriage.

“We have always said to each other: it’s terribly stupid what happened, but we have not intentionally done, and we must through them together,” says the commentator, and analyst at RTL 7. “Of course, there are occasional harsh words and big fights. That go than about who has done, why and how stupid it is, but a half hour later, you pull again to each other. We are all 21 years together and our love is deep.”

Because there earnings order was placed on the RTL-salary of Co, had the couple live on the skim revenue from Danielle, that employee is in a laboratory.

“That is, in our case, down on his 1300 euro per month. There you have it, together to harvest,” says Danielle.

“Our happiness is that I for many different clients demonstrations give,” adds Co to. “On those merits they may not have any earned income impose because they in advance not knowing when I work.”

Despite that bonus amount it had to set a big financial strain.


“You live to what you earn, and was formerly certainly will be two to three times modal. I drove around in a Mercedes and we left our house regularly, somehow. All of that could not be more, but I have no desire for luxury. I wear just as sweet a T-shirt of the Sailor as a shirt by Oger. I’ve never had a real star felt. When my wife and I first met, we had almost nothing. When we’re together by the fireplace, tv watching, we are still happy. Whether that be with a glass of expensive red wine or with a drink. Then we’re going to but not more than four times per week eating out. A pity, but you learn very good cook, haha.

The most important thing for us was that we in our home could continue to live. The thing we have to the highest level fought. While that has cost a lot of money, but finally we have the battle won.”

Co., which at the plantsoenendienst worked for his community service to perform, has never been the shoulder because of the scandal.

“Only on social media do I ever make nasty comments to my head:” What does that bruise there in the tv studio? That is a criminal and a belastingontduiker.’ Oh, let go, that are all anonymous losers who have nothing better to do. On the street there is no one that me naroept or ignores.”

Co and his wife now have half of their debt paid off. “The remaining 40,000 euros is financed by acquaintances. They lend me that amount, so that I of the Tax administration. If it’s good, I’ll get the money soon within and there is nothing more to it. We will charge nicely pay, but in the meantime we can, however, return to normal breathing and life. Than we do those madmen of the Irs, never more to look. If it goes well, we can agree on a vacation. Enjoy a long weekend in the German mountains, to walk in it.”

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