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Vienna is implementing their own Blockchain tokens for employees in the act

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Vienna is implementing their own Blockchain tokens for employees in the act

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Matthias Nemack –

At first glance, it may hold some Gimmick that the city of Vienna would like to realize by means of the Blockchain it’s own Token. For other industry experts, but this measure is a further step in the right direction, should find imitators.

Around 20,000 workers to make use of the Wiener Token

Certainly, the projects of the city of Vienna to bring in the coming months, a private Token to the Start, rather a side note of the fast-growing crypto-range. And a serious competition for the System, Ethereum, or the Litecoin will not be the particular not-yet-defined Token, of course. Not because the city of Vienna, the currency on the Basis of the Blockchain specifically for your well 20,000 employees. This should be able to redeem after the final introduction of the currency in about 800 Local and Restaurants, to hear how very up to date on various crypto-portals.

Employees can pay for their food soon digital

The Token to replace, in this case, the previously used food stamps from the paper – and it is also a measure for the protection of the environment, to consume less paper than before to catch. An exact date is not yet available. Became known, however, that the city has already completed a first test run and cooperates for this purpose with two Restaurants in the Federal capital as a contractor in the summer of this year. The System should now be put into practice. The Blockchain is, as expected, private and only for City employees to access. For Details on the exact technology as well as possible extensions to other area, or the management of the Wallet.

A well-known Partner in the realization of the side of the city

The Token project is completed, along with the well-known Agency Ernst & Reuter on the legs. By the way: The municipality had already started a different project with reference to the Blockchain, and can learn the new Token now, therefore, in the ideal case, as the mistakes of the past.

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