US to send thousands of soldiers to the border

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. army sends 5200 troops to the border with Mexico. These include armed soldiers, said a general at a press conference in Washington. He proposed that president Donald Trump has made clear that the guarding of the border is important to the national security.

Donald Trump has emphasised that the monitoring of the border is important to the national security.

General Terrence O’Shaughnessy said that the army is the grensbewakingsdienst, the Border Patrol, going to support. There are helicopters and drones made available, as well as approximately 35 km of barbed wire. “At this moment there are already some 800 troops on the way to Texas”, he said.

A ^ of the service, customs and border protection (CBP) said that the American authorities two large groups of migrants follow. “We will not allow a large group on an unsafe and illegal manner in the US hex”, stressed CBP commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

A group that is in the direction of the US draws, and consists of approximately 3500 people. Another group, which is located between Mexico and Guatemala, from around 3000 migrants. McAleenan pointed out that the migrants had not be stopped by local security forces. “These tactics are different than what we have historically seen in large groups. We want to be ready for it.”

The American president, Trump tweeted earlier in the day that “all poor people” to stop between the immigrants to the U.s. southern border to draw. It is, according to him, inter alia, to gang members.

“Time, please. You are not allowed into the USA unless you have the correct procedures to follow. This is an invasion of our country and our army is waiting for you!”, wrote the president, who had previously announced military personnel to the border to send.

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