U.S. to send more than 5,000 soldiers to border with Mexico

15cee9674cebc9fd95e5ad13fb97182f - U.S. to send more than 5,000 soldiers to border with Mexico

The U.s. army sends 5.200 soldiers to the border with Mexico, in anticipation of the arrival of the migrants from Central America, who for more than a week on the road to “the promised land”.

The so-called ‘migrantenkaravaan’, that hundreds or even thousands of people live, there is a large section of people from the Central American Honduras, who is on the run for gang violence, corruption and unemployment in their country. They have crossed all of Guatemala and part of Mexico. US president, Trump warned them repeatedly that they will not be allowed in the US.

About 800 soldiers are now in Texas arrived, confirmed general Terrence O’Shaughnessy Monday at a press conference in the Pentagon. They are the first troops that were deployed will be in Texas, Arizona, and California. The rest would be at the end of the week in the border area should arrive.

The soldiers, the members of the border protection CBP and the national guard support, what it sounds like. There are also helicopters sent.

‘Our orders are clear, ” said the general. “We want the border secure.’ Kevin McAleenan of the border guard added: “we should be prepared for large groups and avoid that that a dangerous and illegal way in the US come in’.


In the meantime, offers Mexico the migrants aid, if they meet a number of conditions. The country has already received such a 1.743 asylum applications, but most of the migrants want to travel to the US.

Critics point out that Trump the migrantenkaravaan used as a diversion in the election campaign for the midterms next week. Of urgency seems to be certainly no question, because the migrantenkaravaan -foot on the road – would pass within a few weeks on the border with the USA arrive.

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