Twents calf named after Herman Finkers

e3624c080b3836d9dc978faf94d16b2b - Twents calf named after Herman Finkers

Herman Finkers

Finkers’ character comes at the beginning of The Bones of St. Hildegard on a farm to a calf in the world to help. Did the comedian really, under the watchful eye of a veterinarian, made distributor September Films Tuesday known. Farmer Nico Loohuis, the farm where the recordings are made, the steer as a tribute to the comedian Herman called. The shots were this week in the beautiful village of Fleringen (municipality Tubbergen).

For Finkers is the first time that he is in a film to see. The Legs of St. Hildegard’s about a couple who are almost retiring, but actually not as happy in the marriage. The Twente comedian has written the screenplay and plays the leading role; actress Johanna ter Steege plays his wife. The direction is in the hands of Johan Nijenhuis. It is intended that the tragi-comedy in the autumn of 2019 will be released in cinemas.

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