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Trezor finished Monero-Integration

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Satoshi Labs, the Czech company behind the Hardware Wallet, Trezor, for the 29. In October, an Update of the Wallet Firmware announced. One of the most anticipated new features is the Integration of the Privacy Coins Monero.

A few months after the Hardware-Wallet-Competitor Ledger the private Cryptocurrency Monero for the Ledger Nano’s and Ledger’s Blue built-in, also Trezor. Soon the Trezor Model T can store the Private Keys for the XMR. So Satoshi Labs fulfilled the promises from the beginning of the year. Monero Fans should look forward to: For anyone who has bought since may, a Trezor Model T, have recognized the Monero Logo on its packaging back. However, they were looking for an actual Software Integration so far, in vain.

Trezor Integration: Yes – User-Friendliness:

As the Co-founder and CTO, Pavol “stick” Rusnak, on 28. October tweeted to support the new Firmware for Trezor Model T Monero.

Before the average Monero Enthusiast now jubilantly jumping, should be expressed a few words of caution: Although a milestone is taken Monero Private Keys can be stored on the Trezor Model T. But simple to use. Instead of managing the Private Keys via the company’s own Wallet, users must rely on the official Monero CLI Wallet. CLI is short for Command Line Interface and indicates that it is a purely text-based Wallet running in the Terminal or the command line. Beginners are overwhelmed by a CLI frequently. The Integration for the older brother, the Trezor Model One, is planned, may however still take.

In addition, another obstacle exists at the moment: There is no compiled Code from Trezor. This means that the GitHub Pull Request with the Monero Integration must be compiled by the user himself. Since the Monero Community consists largely of tech-savvy, is likely to represent for some, no Problem. However, the lack of user shows kindness above all: For the Mainstream Monero is not yet ready.

With the same Problem, too many Ledger-owner fight. Here, too, a native Wallet application is missing, as is the other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin in the usual way.

A solid year for Monero

During the first three quarters of the year, the currencies of 2018 for many Cryptographic a cooling of the euphoria is meant to be able to implement the Monero project, a number of important innovations. In addition to the Hardware Wallet support of Ledger and Trezor, the developer team of Ricardo “fluffy pony” Spagni two Hard Forks. The first Hard Fork from shaking in front of all the supposed ASICs of the Mining giants Bitmains. The second improved with the bullet proofs the scalability of transactions dramatically.

Technically Monero sits firmer than ever in the saddle: All of the transactions on the Blockchain are private, and thus opaque for third. The focus of the Monero project, privacy and scalability. Check the user-friendliness has so far. Whether the technology focus is paying off-focused strategy of the Monero project, will show the next year.

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