’Trainers are not for always outgunned’

95954bfedf598399b054111abb1a1f76 - ’Trainers are not for always outgunned’

Mark van Bommel

The contrast could not be greater. Van Bommel won it with PSV in the first ten matches in the Premier league, Cocu is suddenly without a job. “That is the risk of the trainerschap,” says Van Bommel. “If you don’t perform, then you know that the pressure increases. Especially in a hectic country like Turkey.”

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Van Bommel knows the dramatic statistics of Dutch coaches abroad in the last few years, but is not worried. “That is just a phase. We took in 2010 the world cup final, when wanted very many countries, trainers have. Like that then gold for the Spaniards, Germans, and now undoubtedly French. That is not to say that trainers now never get a chance or even no success can achieve. Just look at the past.”

The successor to Cocu at PSV is that we should not pass. “You always have a few moments of not running. If so, three coaches who really do well, talk to everyone else. That belongs to football. You can see it also in the Dutch national team. Last year saying to everyone: ’oeh, that’s tricky’. Now we say after three good races once again that we have the top cope. We just need to not get carried away. Both down as going up.”

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