“The netherlands should protocol for naaktscènes”

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“There is since MeToo, however, a change going on,” said Toekook. “But in practice it is too often that everyone on the set is under pressure and that there is not the space and time to take what exactly is going to happen in a naaktscène. It is for an actor is very difficult to say no when the director at the last moment to ask to go a step further.”

In the protocol would need to be established how this kind of situation can be avoided, and how actors use it. “It can be a lot of problems if there is standard a good conversation is conducted, how certain things can be visualized,” says Toekook.

The practical objections

Acteursorganisatie ACT closes with the call. “I recognize this kind of situations” said board member and actress Anna Drijver. “On the set of course sometimes you still against practical concerns that must soon be resolved: ‘we see your string anyway, you can’t get out to do it?” It is very important that you are on those moments, however, your limits continues to indicate,” said Tracker.

With the independent office for inappropriate behavior in June in the life was called, this type of complaints has not yet arrived, reports Toekook. “There’s going to cases of undesirable behaviour,” he explains. The board member did not on the amount or the nature of these notifications.

The hotline was created as a result of the revelations around castingdirector Job Gosschalk and his agency Kemna Casting. The police are doing as far as is known still investigating the case.

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