Taron Egerton refused initially to “Robin Hood” to play

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The star of the “Kingsman”-saga Taron Egerton refused initially to “Robin Hood” to interpret. The British actor was convinced that the public has not had a new film on the English outlaw.

Egerton refused initially the role because he thought that the release of the latest “Robin Hood”, played by Russell Crowe in 2010, recently was. “I remember the e-mail: Would you Robin Hood want to play? And I said ‘no’,” he told the magazine Total Film. “It seemed to be too early, after that of Russell Crowe, that a mixed reception, but (it must be said) good grades binnenhaalde.”

Director Otto Bathurst, which is his feature debut, made after the survey of tv hit “Peaky Blinders” and “Black Mirror”, also found that a new “Robin Hood” was not necessary when he for the first time, was contacted. He decided, however, the “Robin Hood”saga to transform and a new world away from previous films.

Egerton thinks that the public is ready for a another project about the hero of Sherwood Forest to accept. “The public forgets quickly, just look at Spider-Man,” said the 28-year-old actor, referring to the superheldenkarakter, since 2002, played by three different actors. “We tried to make a film that caters to a thirsty and hungry superheldenmassa, and I really feel that we succeeded.”

Bathurst is convinced that viewers a new aspect of the famous character will discover. “A large part of our audience has the film of Kevin Costner (“Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”) have never seen, and that is a very, very different film.” This latest release, with Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) as cast, follows the story of the outlaw, who is a “freedom fighter”. “Robin Hood” will appear on 21 november in the cinema.

Egerton played soon include the British singer and songwriter Elton John in the biopic “Rocketman”, who in may 2019 suits.

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